Mesin Pompa Kimia Selenoid Metering Dosing Pump Tacmina PZ-100 VTCF


Avaiability: In Stock

Features :
Wide Voltage Range Power Supply
There is no need to worry about site power supply voltage or voltage fluctuations since it can be used with AC100 to 240 V (±10%) power supplies. You can also keep it in stock safely since it can be used for a variety of sites and applications.

Adjusting Dial for Easy Operation
Manual adjustment from 15 to 300 pulses per minute

Water- & Dust-Proof Specifications
IEC standard
IP65 or equivalent
* Avoid condensation and immersion in water.

Specifications :
– Max. discharge volume : 100 mL/min / 6.0L/h
– Max. discharge pressure : 0.4 MPa / 4.0 bar

Weight 5000 g

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