Pompa Kolam Renang Astral Alaska 1HP 1Phase Astralpool


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Alaska Basic Self Priming Pump Features :
• Highly resistant plastic components: no corrosion problems.
• diffuser body in Luranyl and turbine in Noryl, with a glass fiber insert.
• these materials offer high quality strength and finish.
• mechanical closure in AISI-316 stainless steel and silicon carbide.
• Class F insulation and IP-55 motor protection.
• ‘GS’ mark with TUV certification
• stainless steel pump body screws.

Spesifikasi :
– P1 : 800 Watt
– Head : 12 meter
– Kapasitas : 10.6 m3/h

The pumps are self-priming and range from 0.5 Hp up to 3 Hp, and are provided with both single-phase and three-phase motors. A pre-filter has been integrated into the body of the pump to prevent the entry of any foreign bodies which could cause damage to the hydraulic parts of the pump. The motors are supplied with the motor pump unit and have been protected with IP-55 protection to hold hot atmospheres and high humidity levels. These pumps are “GS” certified by TÜV.

The new range of Alaska Plus self-priming filtration pumps are manufactured with excellent quality components that give them proven durability and resistance in all operating conditions.

The Alaska pump has a higher flow curve than most existing pool pumps. The large capacity prefilter allows the solid elements to be retained, thus preventing them from entering the pump body.

The IP-55 protection index allows the Alaska pump to support hot atmospheres and high humidity levels.

Weight 20000 g


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